Moonshine is automated yield-generating protocol. With legendary deflationary mechanics:
4% tax from every transaction is constantly redistributed among token holders by contract.
Another 4% tax is fueling autonomous “Buyback” mechanism which happens every 30 minutes.

Total Supply: 10000 $MOSHI
Tax Breakdown:
4% redistributed among holders
4% for automatic buybacks
Buyback every 30 minutes (same as AURA)
Antibot Protection:
Cant buy/sell more then 300 tokens in first 6 minutes after liquidity added.


HardCap: 60 ETH
Rate: 1 ETH = 84 $MOSHI (~5000 $MOSHI)
Initial Liquidity: 50 ETH/ 4000 ($MOSHI)

Remaining tokens will be burned.



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